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Poly Lift vs Mud Jacking

Wed Oct 04, 2023 10:50 am

Anyone have experience or work in the industry an have opinions on either one to fill in a void?

So long story short we fixed my garage foundation and reset walls, due to water flow a good amount of material washed away from under the garage the one corner there was a void of probably 6-12" that washed out

Through sound testing I think there's potentially around 200 sq ft of the garage slab that's missing material.

Mud Jacking is like $975 vs poly lift is about $1875

I'm a frugal mf'er but it seems to me that in this situation the poly would be a better choice

That's a pretty big void and in an area that already has issues, adding thousands of pounds of mud under the slab to press against the foundation etc seems like a bad idea to me

Foam expands so should fill the area in better as well imo.

I dunno I'll talk to the guy about what he thinks is best but looking for opinions/confirm my work through of why I think foam would be better suited in this situation, or to give a differing opinion towards mud jacking and why. Haven't really dealt with either before

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Re: Poly Lift vs Mud Jacking

Wed Oct 04, 2023 4:20 pm

My parents had an outdoor slab and a side walk redone about 15 years ago with the mud. It all settled after about 5 years. Redid it again with foam.

Not the same situation but hope that helps.
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